Petition for Candidacy in Lieu of Filing Fee (not yet available)

  1. Print on legal-size paper.
  2. Notify all signatories that they must not vote in another party's primary election or participating in another party's conventions during that election cycle.
  3. Signature collectors must sign all sheets in the presence of a Notary Public.


10 Key Values in English & Spanish

Brochure Four-fold

Consensus Process for Facilitated Meetings

A helpful how-to for running a meeting with a facilitator, a democratic and user friendly method used by the Green Party. We do not use Robert's Rules of Order.

Election 2020: Positions on Ballots in Harris County

More than 50 county, state, and federal offices will be up for election in 2020 in Harris County alone. Find out where you or a friend can sign up to run, as well as the state and federal requirements to hold those offices.

Candidate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for potential candidates.

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