Why support the Green Party?

Because we need to get our priorities straight NOW, for the future! People, Peace, and Planet over Profit!

The Green Party is a grassroots, consensus-driven political party with a platform based on our Ten Key Values. These are the core values that distinguish the Green Party from all the others. You will find out that Green means a lot more than just environmentalism.

Join us to help build the political infrastructure that will push our issues forward on the social agenda!

 "We are getting larger, stronger and better organized with every election cycle. Our success reflects the reality that citizens are getting fed up with the corporate takeover of our country and our government."

- David Cobb, former Texas Green Party Co-Chair

Green Party Houston Stands...

GPUS Peace graphic...for Peace

We actively promote peace, through one of our key values, Non-Violence. We seek peaceful resolution to conflict, whether it be on an individual level or an international one. The US must end overseas military actions, which are carried out on behalf of corporate interests, and end domestic oppression by militarized police. History shows that violence only returns violence. The Green Party encourages its members to promote peace and provide the leadership to bring it into being. 

GPUS Social Justice graphic...for the People

We work for social and economic justice, with equal and enhanced opportunity for all. We demand an end to policies that produce vast disparities of income and wealth. We insist on full and equal civil rights for US citizens and immigrants of all ethnicities, ages, orientations, and any other attribute that has been used to divide us. We demand the dismantling of a system that perpetuates what Dr. Martin Luther King called the triplet evils of racism, militarism, and consumerist capitalism.

GPUS Ecology graphic...for the Planet

The Green Movement is most commonly associated with its key value of Ecological Wisdom. We pursue an end to "extractivist" policies toward a livable planet for centuries to come, for human beings and all earth's creatures. The world's dependence on fossil fuels must end in order for the global climate to avoid catastrophic warming. Nuclear energy carries excessive risk; the mining, refining, and disposal of uranium is just as dirty and deadly as fossil fuel extraction. Solar and wind power, though not perfect options, represent our best current path to sustaining civilization.

GPUS Democracy graphic...for Democracy

We not only recognize the flaws in our governmental and electoral systems; we also propose solutions. Democracy requires an informed citizenry and a degree of self-determination: Exert popular pressure on media outlets to expand the range of discussion beyond the two corporate parties that half of US voters have rejected. Demand that state governments stop inhibiting voting and voter registration, and restore the federal Voting Rights Act to full strength. Get Big-Money influence out of our elections. Governments at all levels should embrace some form of Instant Runoff Voting, which guarantees that winners have the approval of a majority of voters.