HCGP 2020 County Convention, 14 March

The Harris County Green Party will hold its 2020 nominating convention at Midtown Bar & Grill on Saturday afternoon, 14 March 2020, from 2 until 5 pm. All the delegates to the county convention have been chosen from the Consolidated Precinct Conventions held on Tuesday 10 March; however, observers are welcome.

The convention is scheduled to last three hours, but it is unlikely to run that long.

For convention-nominating parties such as the Green and Libertarian Parties of Texas, county conventions are held primarily for the purpose of confirming the nominations of candidates for offices with jurisdictions entirely within a county. For 2020, however, no candidates in Harris County have filed to run as a Green for any countywide offices, State Legislative seats, or State Board of Education seats.

A second purpose is to select delegates to the Green Party of Texas state convention, which this year happens 18-19 April at a location still to be determined. Due to the small number of delegates in this rebuilding year for the Harris County and Texas Green Parties, all delegates to the county convention will be eligible to participate in the state convention. The process includes advancing the representation of delegates' preferences for the Green Party's presidential nomination.

Delegates may also present resolutions and state platform amendments for adoption by GPTX at the state convention. Resolutions and amendments approved by consensus at the county convention will be passed on to the state meeting in April.

The culmination of convention season is the Green Party's Annual National Meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention, held this year at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, 9-12 July.

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