Harris County Election 2020

In 2020, voters in Harris County will have an opportunity to choose much more than their favorite presidential ticket. Every ballot will have more than 40 different races listed. Greens interested in running for the positions below must file with either the state or county party co-chairs between 9 November and 9 December 2019.

This document contains a nearly-complete list of the races on Harris County ballots in 2020. Due to the staggering of four-year terms, not every ballot will feature a race for State Senate, State Board of Education, or County Commissioners Court. Also, about a dozen other state district judgeships, elected at-large by the entire county, will be decided in 2022. 

Per the Texas Election Code, for any state or federal legislative race to represent a district entirely within Harris County, prospective candidates must file to run with the county party. For districts that cross county lines, they must file with the state party.

REMINDER: Candidates for public office should satisfy the age and residency requirements and, for judicial candidates, have the required legal experience. See this page for the constitutional criteria to serve in various elective offices in Texas.

Contact the Green Party of Texas co-chairs to run for the following positions:

  • US Senate
  • US House (Districts 8, 9, 10, 22, and 36)
  • a seat on the Texas Railroad Commission
  • three seats on the Texas Supreme Court
  • three seats on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • State Senate (Districts 4, 11, 13, and 18)
  • State Board of Education (District 8)

Contact the Harris County Green Party co-chairs to run for these positions:

  • US House (Districts 2, 7, 18, and 29)
  • State Senate (District 6)
  • State House (Districts 126 through 150, except 136)
  • State Board of Education (District 6)
  • various state and county court judgeships
  • County Commissioners (Precincts 1 and 3)
  • three county administrative offices
  • all eight County Constables
  • a Justice of the Peace in one of the constabulary precincts
  • County Board of Education

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