Preliminary Injunction Filed in Lawsuit against TX-SOS

GPH member Laura Palmer and The Green Party of Texas are among the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Texas Secretary of State's Office. The suit challenges, on constitutional grounds, the new requirements for candidates to pay filing fees to the state or submit petition signatures in lieu of the fee.

Plaintiffs' attorney Oliver Hall filed a preliminary injunction Thursday, with the intent of stopping the Secretary of State's Office from enforcing these new provisions of the Texas Election Code as amended through HB 2504 this year. You can read the entire injunction here.

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Candidate Application for 2020 Now Available

The Texas Secretary of State's Office has released the application to file as a candidate with any convention-nominating party, such as the Green or Libertarian Party. See this page for a link to the application (PDF), as well as the table of filing fees or petition signatures in lieu thereof.

For all statewide offices, and for districted seats that encompass parts of two or more counties, applications must be submitted to the appropriate state party chairs. For county offices, or any districted office entirely within one county, candidates should submit their applications to the appropriate county party. For example

  • US House Districts 2, 7, 18, and 29 lie entirely within Harris County, so candidates should file with the Harris County Green Party.
  • US House Districts 8, 9, 10, and 36 lie partly within Harris County, and partly within neighboring counties, so candidates should file with the Green Party of Texas.
  • The State House districts in Harris County—126 through 150 with the exception of 136—are all within Harris County; therefore, file with HCGP.
  • State Senate Districts 6, 7, and 15: file with HCGP; Districts 4, 11, 13, and 18: file with GPTX.

As of now, the official petition sheet for 2020 candidates is unavailable. The explanation given is that a lawsuit against the state concerning the constitutionally of the filing fees under recently enacted HB 2504 is still pending. Plaintiffs in that suit include the state's Green, Libertarian, Constitution, and America's Parties, as well as some individuals connected to them.

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